Climb to the “Mountain Top” with Juno Award winning Bedouin Soundclash!

Juno Award winning Bedouin Soundclash
Get into the groove of the weekend with a shiny and warm new video from Canadian indie rock royalty Bedouin Soundclash. “Mountain Top” is hopeful and optimistic without being overly too sweet. Coming from the award winning indie power trio Bedouin Soundclash, this song takes the easy breeze of indie rock, lines it with some up-stroke reggae style guitars and presents it in an absolutely ear friendly vocal melody that only frontman singer/guitarist Jay Malinowski can summon to the microphone. “Mountain Top” rocks like “London Calling” meets Kings of Leon, enchanting the listener with a simple yet sophisticated arrangement, providing a nice contrast to the modern tendency of heavy layering in studio recordings. Pick up their new album Light The Horizon today!

Rock it here: