Communicating Vessels proudly present SANDERS BOHLKE!

Sanders Bohlke’s contemporary indie-rock music is on the rise, setting forth the newest music genre known to date called Neo-Soul. With influential commonalities close to the likes of modern musicians such as Andrew Bird and Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Bohlke’s music portrays a likelihood of utmost importance. We are proud to present his most recent video clip “Ghost Boy,” which portrays the tantalizing deep-rooted theme of childhood nightmares.

Like many of America’s greatest musicians, Sanders Bohlke has his roots in the South. Currently based in Charlottesville, VA, it was in the heart of the Mississippi Delta that Bohlke found his voice, which has developed over the years into a bounding scene of rigorous beauty, yet rampant heartbreak. In Oxford, he attended The University of Mississippi where he furthered his craft by recording his self-titled debut folk album. Praised for its passion and downright honesty, Bohlke’s debut has taken him through expansive musical territory, sharing stages with artists such as Badly Drawn Boy, Tom Morello, and Gomez.

En route, Sanders had compiled a most impressive collection of songs that have been released as digital singles and taunting EPs. Songs such as “The Weight of Us,” “The War,” and “Search and Destroy” carry a dark tone and complex instrumentation, which has stylized and captured the sound that makes up Bohlke’s musical existence. His new album Ghost Boy, released on December 4 on Communicating Vessels, captures Sanders’ musical evolution that commits to layers of soundscapes containing flourishing elements of folk, indie-rock, and soulful vocals. Recorded in collaboration with producer, Remy Zero alumni and Communicating Vessels label head Jeffrey Cain, the album Ghost Boy includes tracks that are relevant to modern life, yet contain timeless melodies of gloomy satirical epiphanies. Bohlke’s video for the latest single “Ghost Boy” captures all of these elemental properties that create a certain vastness of undeniable beauty. Click HERE for the full bio on!