Dinosaur Jr.: Comentary for “Over It”

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June 23, 2009
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Dinosaur Jr

Pitchfork chatted with the director, Mark Locke, for Dinosaur Jr.’s new video, “Over It.”

The video features Dinosaur Jr. playing around on skateboards and bikes. Although the members of the band are aging, seeing the foursome in skater shoes, crouching on bikes, seemed perfectly natural. Dinosaur Jr always has–and probably always will–put off that too-cool-for-school skater vibe. No matter how old they get, they will probably always look good next to a half-pipe.

They got stunt doubles with mad skills to do most of the tricks (famous skateboarder Kyle Leeper and “two guys from BMX.”) However some of the tricks were done by the members themselves. Read Pitchfork for more about it.

Mark Locke says it was surreal hanging out with his childhood heroes. But he got over the awed feeling quickly, and they just hung out together. That easygoing, whatever feeling is also evident in the video.

Check it out below: