Dose: Popping up on iTunes

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June 2, 2009
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June 4, 2009


DOSE, booming Latin hip-hop, is starting to make a big splash as fans of the genre get aquainted with the seductive and irresistible tunes coming from this outfit.

As a measure of success, DOSE’s video was placed on the iTunes Latino featured video list on May 25. They were placed in between two big names, don Omar and Calle 13, two other artists who are also on MTV tres daily.

With this kind of recognition, DOSE is getting a fueled start to their music career. Their fans are obviously climbing in numbers–and the buzz about them has started reaching big heights.

HIP Video Promo is all set to compile their first DOSE HIP Spotlight, which will feature an insider interview, taking viewers backstage to what inspired DOSE to create the beats it creates–and what inspired the music video. Look out for the clip on the HIP Video Promo You Tube channel.