One-half of Looner is going on-tour with Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley

Angel Roché, one-half of the Looner duo, is going-on tour with Ziggy Marley this summer, where he will crisscross across the U.S. and spread delicious reggae beats all over the place.

Although he can’t play Looner music while on-tour, he is available to do interviews and station ID’s on his down-time.

Looner is similar to Ziggy Marley in some ways.

Like Ziggy Marley, Looner is a band that conveys a positive message through creative walls of sound. A little bit of reggae flavor and a smooth, fun and perky pop sensibility–as well as the willingness to experiment and not set limit on creativity–distinguishes this couple from the rest–they’re creating something completely new.