Fleet Foxes captured at work in Philly by Pitchfork photographer

Fleet Foxes

While Fleet Foxes wowed the crowd on a stage in Philadelphia on Oct. 2, a Pitchfork photographer captured the boys making their art–very memorable images that you can find here. Red-faced from the studio lights, they strum and bang their instruments with very concentrated, in-the-zone looks on their faces. It’s as if they’ve transported themselves to another plane of existence, one in which distractions and screw-ups and instruments knocked out-of-tune do not exist.

I’m impressed that they look the way their music sounds–their album transports listeners to an ethereal place where one might find a meditating Buddha strumming a guitar and ahmmming at the same time. They practice blusey, stoner, country, Renaissance-type music. It’s a soothing, sonic mix all of their own, and their originality is paying off–they’ve accumulated a big buzz over their self-titled debut.

They’re touring right now, so if you’re up to an enlightening experience, check out the tour dates here.

And here’s their video for “White Winter Hymnal”: