CSS creates blog, ditches Web site

Fleet Foxes captured at work in Philly by Pitchfork photographer
October 8, 2008
Love You Moon releases ‘Stand Tall’
October 10, 2008

CSS creates blog

CSShurtsuxx is the name of CSS’s new blog–and they’ve decided collectively that the blog is going to be their only online presence, taking the place of their Web site, which, they admitted in their first post, was too convoluted and corporate. Their new blog, on the other hand, was easily-created and remains a free-spirited hodgepodge of random postings that are very entertaining to read. Check it out here. Lovefoxx loves to let everyone know what her PH levels are down there, then whines about TV shows and posts pictures of food, including a dick-shaped fish fillet. It’s good times. It’s a bit more interesting than the usual Flash page fanfare that often makes up a band’s Web site.

CSS also has a tour coming up! Look up the dates on their MySpace page here.

Check out their video for the single “Move” below: