Focus the Truth presents “As the Horn Blows”

Focus the Truth is a rising hip-hop artist who truly focuses on the truth throughout the music that he creates. With vocals that take on the sultry likes of Method Man and truthful lyrics that emanate Nas’ It Was Written, Focus the Truth grasps the traditional poetry form of rapping and the distinct sounds of classic, New Orleans’ style jazz in his new video for “As the Horn Blows.” In it, we see the power of music and the great influence of hip-hop and jazz style musicians from the past.

Now residing in London, this Queens, New York originator has been rapping since the age of fourteen. His lyrics and melodies transcend contemporary hip-hop by presenting listeners with a unique capability of passing on messages about the power of words.  He is affected by his surroundings in negative and positive lights, yet he finds ways to express his feelings about both through his wise poetry.

In his latest video for “As the Horn Blows,” we are introduced in the beginning to a black and white colored screen. Viewers are exposed to graffiti throughout city life as they hear a melodious horn blow throughout the song. Focus the Truth raps poetically about how his song is “not about a metaphor or a simile,” yet the irony of it all is that his words truly stand as a symbol for what he believes in and where the melodies originate from—the soul.