Check out New York City’s Own: Push Method

Push Method’s inspiring video for “Scars and Stripes” is taking the world by storm. With sounds that blend hip-hop and rock, this band enforces ideas that are guaranteed to make you think. They have an idea about the state of the world’s future, which involves a zombie apocalypse and issues that revolve around the Occupy movement. It won’t take long for Push Method to become admirable musicians, as they have in the eyes of HIP Video Music Promo.

Spanning from diverse interests, such as art and graffiti, Push Method have wiped away the lonesomeness of New York City with their awe-inspiring music. It is also clear that these band mates have a profound influence on one another as individuals as they continue to intertwine their ideas and beliefs together throughout their wondrous music. With an album on the way for an upcoming release and a political video in the works, Push Method are ready to make their move this year in 2012.

Take a moment to check out Push Method’s video for “Scars and Stripes,” which was filmed in New York City.