Give it up for… Vision Of Harmony!

From (official HIP Video bio coming soon!):

Consisting of sisters, Angela and Valencia, Vision Of Harmony got their first calling for music, as little girls “The Freamon Sisters” where they sang at church.   They have two brothers and all grew up as a strong family unit.  “We are all still just as close today and for that, we are truly blessed and very very thankful.”    As they grew, so did their style and talents.   They tested the waters with Pop music and birthed girl group, “Bubblegum and Candy” where the sisters co-wrote an array of songs, one of which, “Boy, you’re driving me crazy”, was produced by their dad and a family friend under (B & B Productions “Ben and BeBe” and Smiling Records “Tom Smiling Robinson”).   The smash hit laid the foundation under which they are still recognized today.

Keep your eyes open for the “Reunited” music vid coming soon!