Introducing.. Monks Of Mellonwah

Hello programming friends, it’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew bringing you another video top notch video from an Australian artist poised to break big here in the States. After bringing you videos from artists like Karnivool, Brooke Fraser, Kate Miller-Heidke, Jet, and so many more it should be apparent to everyone by now that there is some seriously impressive talent coming out of the Lucky Country. Next up to carry the torch is a Sydney group called Monks of Mellonwah. This quartet of young men draws on elements of classic rock, blues and vibe of artists such as Hendrix, Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd, but also splashing in a touch of contemporary bands like Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even a hint of Incubus. They’re a band that doesn’t need walls of distortion to sound big, but when they do kick on their Tubescreamers, watch out, because it’s sure to leave your ears ringing with delight. They’ve received airplay on the popular music program, Rage, on ABC in Australia, as well as opening for indie legends You Am I and Thirsty Merc, and we’re psyched to see them coming our way!

Perhaps it’s just the geography, or maybe that their sound has been honed by some of the best of the west (coast), but after making significant waves in the homeland the band has gotten their beachhead here in the States in the city of Los Angeles. They’ve quickly established themselves with their first EP, Stars Are Out, and then have been working hard to promote their upcoming release, Neurogenesis, which will be released on May 24th. In their short time here they’ve managed to be named Best Indie Rock Band at the Artists In Music Awards, and have been nominated for Best International Act at the LA Music Awards. The new single for “Neverending Spirit” encapsulates all of the elements that make this band such a hot commodity.

An ode to a lost loved one, the song begins with arpeggiated guitar lines that immediately show the fluidity of guitarist Joe de la Hoyde. Combined with brother John de la Hoyde on bass and Josh Baissari on drums, these three form a formidable trio of soaring sounds that are perfect showcases of their skills.

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And here’s a preview of their new video for “Neverending Spirit” (full version coming soon)