HIP Picks: New Videos from Denzell Terrell, SIN FOR SAINTS, and Staunch Moderates | 10/15/2021

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HIP Recap - 10/15/21

New This Week: “Keys to ya Heart” music video from Denzell Terrell, plus new music videos from SIN FOR SAINTS and Staunch Moderates

From R&B to rock to freeform spoken word/hip-hop, our clients this week know how to tell a story and create a mood with their exhilarating new visuals. The latest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here; take a look at the videos, and learn more about the clips by reading below.

“Keys to ya Heart” Music Video: Denzell Terrell (R&B)

Denzell Terrell melts smooth-talking vocals with racy lyrics & melodic instrumentals, giving him all the components of an exceptional R&B singer. But he’s not just a vocalist: he’s also an instrumentalist, producer, and engineer. The “Keys To Ya Heart” video (directed by Nesmith Films) exudes the feeling of euphoria and comfort that you feel with someone you care about.

“DEATH EATER” Music Video: Sin For Saints (Rock / metal)

At the start of his music career, Christian Cantello played bass in other bands. With Sin For Saints, he’s stepping into the limelight as the lead singer, and hear he combines rock, screamo, and pop-punk. The “Death Eater” video (directed by Galation Morales) is about a toxic love affair – one Cantello can see right through.

“Bill Maher” Music Video: Staunch Moderates (Spoken word / Freeform / Electronic / Hip-hop)

Greg Simmons and Bo Persiko founded Staunch Moderates in 2019 to unite the political divide and create a safe space for both sides to engage in dialogue. The DIY “Bill Maher” video (directed by GTS productions) is an ode to the HBO talk show host, featuring a special appearance from the group’s mascot… an eight foot tall Bigfoot.