HIP Picks: New Videos from Milky Chance, Fresh Da Zoe, and more | 3/2/2023

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March 17, 2023
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New This Week: “Living In A Haze” music video from Milky Chance, plus new music videos from Fresh Da Zoe, 301icon, Daisy Briggs, Jessica Carter Altman, and Lavon Coates

From alt-pop to rap to country, we’ve got something for everyone in this collection of six new videos. The latest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here; take a look at the videos, and learn more about the clips by reading below.

“Living In A Haze” Music Video: Milky Chance (alternative/pop)

With billions of streams on their original songs as well as their creative covers, Milky Chance are set for a killer 2023. This year, the duo will release their 4th studio album and launch their biggest North American tour ever (66 shows, including 48 with Young The Giant). Paired with a video directed by Alena Shevchenko, “Living In A Haze” is the album’s title track and a reminder that you’re not alone.

“Demon” Music Video: Fresh Da Zoe (rap)

From Port Au Prince, Haiti to Boston, MA, emcee Fresh Da Zoe has garnered hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams worlwide.  With a Herman Munster-style piano loop and a classic Atlanta trap beat, his new banger “Demon” is a definitive statement of his posture towards his critics. The video (which Fresh Da Zoe directed) opens up right in Downtown Boston.

“Love Songs” Music Video: 301icon (rap)

Repping the greater DMV area with his unique collage of Afro-pop, trap, and R&B is 301icon. His main brand celebrates life and encourages healing and growth, while his alter-ego – expressed through his Broken Lover releases – is all about expressing more difficult emotions, like heartbreak, anger, and grief. “Love Songs”, from 2022’s Broken Lover II, was produced by Rèmi Fréyo with a video directed by Errand Boy.

“I Don’t Hate U” (my mom thinks ur trash) Music Video: Daisy Briggs (pop/country)

Country-pop singer-songwriter Daisy Briggs has a voice that’s instantly appealing – and excellent at telling stories. On her new release “I Don’t Hate U (My Mom Thinks You’re Trash)”, she shows the thrill of young romance, and the challenges of balancing it with family obligations. With clips displayed inside frames like a Kodak slideshow come to life, the video (directed by David Bradley) highlights the throwback feel of the song.

“Blood Moon” Music Video: Jessica Carter Altman (pop)

Art-pop artist Jessica Carter Altman has shared “Blood Moon”, the hypnotic kickoff track and tone-setter to her current EP. “Blood Moon” will also be the centerpiece of her full-length to come this year. The video (directed by Matt Beard) has the gloss of a major motion picture and the feel of a séance.

“Raise Her Right” Music Video: Lavon Coates (country)

Loris, SC rising country artist Lavon Coates can sing a pretty tune and strum along the guitar – but most importantly, he knows how to pluck upon the heartstrings. His new single “Raise Her Right” is a transliteration of a message from his father, relayed in a dream. In the video, we get to see Coates and his daughter through the eyes of his late father.