HIP Picks: New Videos from Bruce Sudano, Kailey Nicole, and more | 2/15/2021

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February 11, 2021
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February 12, 2021

New This Week: “It Don’t Take Much (Because I Do)” music video from Bruce Sudano, plus new music videos from Kailey Nicole, Heilung, MJ Songstress, Butta B-Rocka, STAR 2, Morgan Taylor, AV Super Sunshine, Hi Love, Poshbugati


From ancient world traditions to American classics to modern sounds from around the globe, there’s no time or place our clients don’t represent! Our newest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here- take a look at the videos above, and learn more about the clips by reading below.


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“It Don’t Take Much (Because I Do)” Music Video: Bruce Sudano (Folk/Americana)

There’s no love quite like the love of a pet, and veteran roots-rock singer-songwriter Bruce Sudano shows us as much in his video for “It Don’t Take Much (Because I Do)”. “It Don’t Take Much (Because I Do)” comes from Spirals Vol. 2… Time & The Space In Between, but in addition to his own work, Sudano has written songs recorded by many legendary artists: Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Donna Summer, Reba McEntire, and more. Directed by Elliot Mason, the “It Don’t Take Much (Because I Do)” video shows Sudano and his one-and-only: Honey, his beloved cat.

“Aim A Little Higher” Music Video: Kailey Nicole (Country/pop)

Kailey Nicole isn’t exactly a traditionalist – her attitude and sound are too contemporary – but one thing this artist does have in common with so many is a love of fantastical romance. In the video for “Aim A Little Higher” (directed by Jensen Vinca & Lindsay Sunada), from the Kailey Nciole EP, we see her as the star of The Bachelorette. Who will get the final rose? You’ll have to watch to find out!

“Norupo” Music Video: Heilung (Ambient/world/rock)

Drawing from traditional Nordic music and incorporating tribal rhythms, Iron Age instruments, and throat singing, Heilung are the heirs to a tradition that still shakes the globe. “Norupo” is written in Old Norse, with lyrics drawn from the Norwegian Rune Poem. Directed by Roderik Patijn, the “Norupo” finds the members of Heilung at the Les Menhirs do Monteneuf circle of standing stones in verdant Brittany.

“Carousel” Music Video: MJ Songstress (Pop/dance)

NYC genre-bending singer-songwriter MJ Songstress has been a successful contestant on televised singing competitions on both sides of the border.  Shewas part of Team Usher and a Top 20 finisher on the sixth season of NBC’s The Voice, and she was a finalist on Televisa’s La Voz México. In her career, she’s worked with legends: Swizz Beatz, Nile Rodgers and CHIC, Wyclef Jean, A.B. Quintanilla y Los Kumbia All-Starz, to name a few. “Carousel” has an intoxicating beat and in its video (directed by Sage Love), we see MJ Songstress’s natural grace and stunning dance skills.

“Strange Luv” Music Video: Butta B-Rocka feat. Homer MC (Rock/funk)

Butta B-Rocka makes music that’s funky, colorful, immersive – and completely danceable and thought-provoking. On “Strange Luv”, her latest excursion into alternative pop soul, she’s joined by Atlanta rapper Homer MC. Director Mazi O’s clip for “Strange Luv” nods toward Alice In Wonderland before leading Butta down a tangled trail of her own invention.

“If U Want 2” Music Video: STAR 2 (Pop/R&B)

Now a San Diego local, STAR 2 was born in the Mae La Thai refugee camp in Myanmar before relocating to the States at the age of 5. His first single, “Hollup Gurl,” boasts over 250k streams on Spotify and was given the thumbs up by MTV’s Justina Valentine and Jordan Beckham, and his single “WTF is Love” was praised by Soulja Boy. In his new video for “If U Want 2” (directed by Hector Toro), STAR 2 is ready to shoot his shot with his dream girl – and we have a feeling things are going to go pretty well.

“Lullabye” Music Video: Morgan Taylor (R&B)

Morgan Taylor is a young singer from St. Louis, and she’s already wise to the intricacies of a comforting, pleasant song, or a quiet bedtime story – a lullabye, if you will. “Lullabye” , her debut single, isn’t so sweet: it’s a kiss-off to a misbehaving boyfriend. The video, which was directed by MJ Furillo, features many of the signature sights of Taylor’s hometown, putting them right in the spotlight.

“Super Cool” Music Video: AV Super Sunshine (Rock)

AV Super Sunshine is super happy, super extra-terrestrial – and with his newest single, this Wisconsin native is “Super Cool.” “Super Cool” is already making moves on the airways: it reached #25 on the Digital Radio Tracker Rock Chart and #6 on the Adult Contemporary Chart. It’s also his most successful song on radio, with over 400 stations in the US and a total 600 worldwide adding the song. In the “Super Cool” video (directed by AV Super Sunshine), AV is joined by his muse and frequent on-screen partner Philomena – and a pair of familiarly-dressed mannequins.

“Cold Wind” Music Video: Hi Love (Pop/soul/R&B)

Hi Love’s early career wins include working with Kanye West, Grammy Award-Winning Producer Needlz, and Music executive and Grammy Award-Winning Producer NO I.D. “Cold Wind”, from the EP of the same, imitates her adoration of the 90s. In the “Cold Wind” video (directed by Cholette), Hi Love cruises around Chicago, even driving through the underground Lower Wacker tunnel where Batman rode his bat-pod in The Dark Knight.

“Girl Dad” Music Video: Poshbugati (Reggae/hip-hop)

Artist Poshbugati was born and raised in Jos Plateau, Nigeria, and the now Miami resident remains true to his humble beginnings. “Girl Dad” is dedicated to the late Kobe Bryant and daughter Gigi, who were killed in a helicopter crash last year; the track celebrates all of the daughters out there. In the “Girl Dad” video (directed by Jan The Creator), it’s a warm day in Florida and a perfect day for Poshbugati to be a strong parental support to help raise strong daughters.

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