HIP Picks: New Videos from Alex Woodard, Camera2, and more | 3/22/2021

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March 23, 2021
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March 26, 2021

New This Week: "Natalie" music video from Camera2, plus new music videos from Alex Woodard, Greg Hoy, Koosh Saxena, Kristina Murrell, Sin For Saints, Snypa & Lil Duke, and Jameel Mason

From rock n roll to electropop to country, there's no shortage of variety in this week's new videos. Our newest HIP Picks - Weekly Client Roundup is here- take a look at the videos, and learn more about the clips by reading below.

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“Halfway” Music Video: Alex Woodard (Rock)

Alex Woodard is as good with a pen in his hand as he is when he’s strumming a guitar. “Halfway” comes from the same album that spawned the #1 CMT Pure Country Countdown video for ‘Reno’, and it serves as a title track, of sorts, to Living Halfway, his latest collection of essays. For the “Halfway” video, he’s teamed up with award-winning San Diego musician Savannah Philyaw to direct, for a work that reinforces the themes and tone of the book while adding an extra measure of grace.

“Natalie” Music Video: Camera2 (Indie/rock)

New York City rock band Camera2 contains members of Stellastarr* and Teddybears. Frontman Andy Chase has recorded and played with artists like Tahiti80 and Juliana Hatfield; together with Adam Schlesinger, he formed the critically-acclaimed band Ivy in the mid-90s. “Natalie”, directed by Josh Stoddard, is their newest video, but it wasn’t shot in the city; this one takes place in rural Pennsylvania.

“Here Comes The Light” Music Video: Greg Hoy (Rock)

Greg Hoy is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording producer, and recording engineer; he’s played with many groups and under many names, but now it’s solely and entirely Greg Hoy. He’s worked with Glenn Branca, J. Robbins, Steve Albini, and drummer Steve Sutherland, late of Grant Hart’s Nova Mob; when he’s not performing, he’s behind the scenes of the music as the owner of the record label, 30 Peak. “Here Comes The Light”, his latest song and video (directed by GH), comes in time for Women’s History Month and is dedicated to and inspired by a very special person in his life: his newborn daughter.

“Trying My Best” Music Video: Koosh Saxena (Pop/dance)

From the seaside town of Capitola (Santa Cruz), CA comes Koosh Saxena. He’s played in several bands, toured on numerous national tours, and was signed to Houseworks Records. As a solo artist, in 2019 Koosh worked with producers Reto Peter and Ed Clare to release his debut EP, Sail With Me. In the new video “Trying My Best” (directed by Jaclyn Amor), he portrays a love story via video game form.

“Got Me Dreaming” Music Video: Kristina Murrell (R&B)

After relocating to the United States in 2015 from Bridgetown, Barbados for school, R&B queen Kristina Murrell immediately impressed those around her with her musical talents, leading to a record deal with Music For Love International and a production deal with Music By King Inc. “Got Me Dreaming”target="_blank" comes from her debut album Passion & Pain, and its video (directed by Josh Millner & Miranda Jenkins) sees Kristina serenading a deceiving boyfriend, while flashbacks display happier moments from their past.

“Sad Songs” Music Video: Sin For Saints (Rock)

Atlanta songwriter, producer, and studio owner Christian Cantello also makes music as the frontman of Sin For Saints, a band that fits right in with alternative scene classics. “Sad Songs” is a cinematic track, and its music video (directed by Galatian Morales) follows Cantello after a night out, showing the group playing with the sense of abandon and commitment that music like this requires.

“No Kizzy” Music Video: Snypa & Lil Duke (Hip-hop)

Four years ago, Snypa packed up his label Wraith Talk and moved across the country to Atlanta; now, he’s boasting 100K+ Insta followers, 28K+ streams a month on Spotify, exploding audiences on Apple Music and Tidal, and serious plays on BET. For his latest, “No Kizzy”, he’s tapped Lil Duke, an in-demand MC signed to Young Thug’s YSL imprint. In the “No Kizzy” video (directed by Connor Films), the kings hold court, literally: a gold throne, complete with lions’ heads at the armrests, is the centerpiece of Snypa and Lil Duke’s performance, while a harem of dancers hang and sway around them.

“Black Queens” Music Video: Jameel Mason (Hip-hop/R&B)

Jameel Mason has quickly established himself as one of the most skilled new rappers in the Garden State hip-hop scene. His collaboration with R&B singer Alix Ford, “Quarantine”, has been viewed more than half a million times on YouTube, and he’s shown fierce regional pride on the spring 2020 single “Jersday”. Now, he’s sharing a new single and video, “Black Queens”, which is released to coincide with Women’s History Month. The “Black Queens” music video is directed by G-Train Productions, and here Jameel is sharing the screen with a dazzling procession of black women determined to assert their own autonomy.

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