HIP Picks – The Weekly Client Roundup – Thursday 1/25

Can you believe the 60th annual Grammy Awards are just a few days away? This year, two recent HIP clients, Morgan Heritage and The National, have been nominated for awards (you can read more about that here), and while we’re ecstatic to see these big names getting the recognition we know they deserve, it’s just as much a thrill to help new artists get their name out there for the first time. We’ve got seven new videos to share with you this week from all corners of the globe, and no matter your taste, we think you’ll find something to love. The newest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup video gives you the low-down on some of our current projects, and we’ll tell you a little bit about each one below.

In the gorgeous, hallucinatory video for “Heartbeats”, Patrick Keenan of The Winter Sounds is alone in the woods. In the follow-up clip for “Earth After A Thunderstorm”, Keenan filmmaker Zbanski Kino are back among the tall trees of Estonia, but this time, Keenan’s joined by a one-armed mannequin. It’s a dreamy, imaginative tale, and over the course of this skillfully directed clip, the mannequin just about comes to life.

From writing songs for other artists to creating a band – and a sound – that’s all their own, WOLVES are here to shake up the musical landscape. Their debut single “Animal” is a hook-laden pop-rock smash that sees a blood-pumping four-on-the-floor beat combine with colorful synths and tasteful guitars. Alex Di Marco of HustleCake Productions wrote, directed, and edited the video, which is a fun, sexy, and aesthetically inspiring introduction to this exciting new artist.

Karen Atkins’ new video for “Can’t Get” is out of this world- literally: Atkins is seen riding through the cosmos in a cherry-red Tesla Roadster. This versatile California native sings and plays funk guitar, rubbery bass, and piano- oh, and she co-produced her latest album In My Room herself. In the “Can’t Get” visual, Atkins exudes confidence and enthusiasm as she sings from the passenger seat of the Tesla, spreading the power of love despite planetary peril.

Over the past several years, electronic dance music has made its way from an underground, niche genre to a culture and universe of its own, and ready to lead the pack of the next generation is Rossemberg Maza. A native of Villahermosa, Mexico, he moved to Lancaster, Lancashire, UK for university, and life in Europe proved to be the perfect chance for Maza to dive right in to the world of EDM. His newest single “A Bad Guy” was created after a trip to Tokyo and a love of concept albums like The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s inspired him to explore new ideas. Like a true bad guy, the video for “A Bad Guy” is intentionally complicated and left open for interpretation; filmed in Vienna and an idyllic small town in Austria with supermodel Victoria Karner as his co-star, it’s simple and elegant, but features a shocking finale.

Southern California is full of people spreading good vibes, and when he’s not making music, Pilot Touhill is active in volunteering at local animal shelters and rescues, as well as working with Mercy For Animals, an organization focused on protecting farmed animals. In fact, 100% of the CD sales from his newest album Quiet Now will be donated to Mercy For Animals. On his newest single “Fever”, Pilot Touhill combines catchy pop-rock vibes with reggae sensibilities for a tune sure to keep listeners’ heads buzzing. It’s an endlessly relatable song about a boy forever on the chase of a girl who simply won’t put him first, and the video – shot at the picturesque Thousand Step Beach in Laguna Beach, California – is sure to make you miss long summer days, laying by the beach, and young love.

From 30 Seconds To Mars to Death Cab For Cutie, here at HIP Video Promo we’ve had the pleasure of helping break a number of extraordinary debut albums from promising new alt-rock artists. Australian power-trio jacobs run are as close to a sure bet as it gets. Melbourne rock veterans Michael Jacobs, Fabian Bucci, and Peter Curigliano have teamed up to create music for those who believe in the power of a rock n roll band to be uplifting, intelligent, and mean something substantial. “Sleepwalking” tells the story of a man stuck in his own head, overthinking conversations with a lost lover; the entrancing video was shot at Lake Tyers Beach in East Gippsland, and alternates between trippy images of a deep cerebral dream and Jacobs’ daily struggle of incessant rumination.

We’ve partnered with Daniel Correa twice before, for the pop-reggae smash “Don’t Stop” and the blistering “Fold It Back”, and now this South Florida native is back with a brand new clip for his latest effort, “The Wraith.” “The Wraith” begins simple enough, as Correa and his producer / live performance partner Ahmed “King” Barroso are setting up for a performance, but we soon discover these aren’t typical instruments: they’re all made of cardboard! Daniel and Co. then rock out before the camera as he spills his heart about “fizzling like nuclear fission” when a former lover tries to come back in to his life.

That’s our list of HIP Picks for this week! What new music videos have you had your eye on lately? Be sure to let us know on Facebook or Twitter what your favorite clip is this week!