New Music Videos from Laney Lynx, Dennis J. Leise, and more | Client Roundup – February 5, 2020

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HIP Video Promo - weekly recap 2/5/2020

New This Week: “Bad Attitudes” video from Laney Lynx, plus new videos from Chelzzz, Gabby B., and Dennis J. Leise


We’ve made it through January and it’s now on to February… sure to be another busy, exciting month here at HIP HQ! Our newest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here- take a look at the video above, and learn more about the clip by clicking on the links below.

“Bad Attitudes” Music Video: Laney Lynx (Pop/indie)

Laney Lynx’s new single and video “Bad Attitudes” is a balancing act between poise and passion, impulse and restraint, reticence and desire. But this New York-based artist has crafted a song that is, above all, a blast: a lush, ethereal, dreamy electropop confection. Her debut “Love Sick” was featured on mtvU’s The Freshmen, and we have a feeling Brian Schulze’s clip for “Bad Attitudes” will be a smashing success, too.

“Somewhere in Miami” Music Video: Chelzzz (Hip-hop/trap)

From Detroit to Miami, Chelzzz takes influence from everyone from her basketball team to rappers like Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim. Praised by Elevator Magazine, she’s an out lesbian rapper and strong supporter of the LGBT community, and in the “Somewhere in Miami” video she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. With picturesque blue skies, pretty girls, and bold colors, “Somewhere in Miami” encompasses all of what Miami is about – and here, women have the power with their seductive appeal.

“Loot” Music Video: Gabby B. (Pop/dance)

There’s no one as fearless, trendsetting, or as charming as “Brazilian Barbie” Gabby B. She’s destined for greatness with an international edge, and on her new single and video “Loot” she’s joined by another diva, Londynn B (who was a finalist on Netflix’s Rhythm and Flow). Directed by DC, the “Loot” video shows Gabby in the average life of a minimum wage worker to start – before the roles are reversed as she struts her fame, fortune, and success in front of those who used to doubt her.

“Dipshits” Music Video: Dennis J. Leise (Country/western/bluegrass)

If you’ve seen Dennis J. Leise’s “atheist gospel” video “Nobody’s Comin'”, then you now this guy isn’t afraid to push a few buttons to get the job done. “Dipshits” is another standout track from his new State of Fairs album, this time expressing a frustration with people more interested in capturing the moment for an online audience than experiencing their own reality. The inspiration for Rob Fitzgerald’s “Dipshits” lyric video came from a roadside sign warning drivers of distracted bicycling… what else in history might’ve been blamed on a distracted train conductor, or even a distracted zeppelin pilot?

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Please let us know what we can do to help get this funky little clip some airtime in your programming, or if you’d like some Dennis J. Leise merch for on-air contests and online giveaways. For more info, call Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at 732-613-1779 or email us at, or follow @DennisJLeise on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates.


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