HIP Video Promo IG LIVE TOMORROW, Friday, August 18 at 1:30 PM Eastern: Search Engine Optimization

Music Video Promotion and Marketing for the remainder of 2023
August 16, 2023
brooke fraser
Flashback Friday: Brooke Fraser
August 18, 2023

Low angle view of a needle on a retro vinyl gramophone record playing music indoors for personal entertainment


It’s Andy Gesner, the owner and president of HIP Video Promo, with exciting news – HIP Video Promo will be hosting our next Instagram Live TOMORROW, Friday, August 18th, at 1:30pm Eastern.

I’m very much looking forward to chatting with my friend, Jerry Doby, Editor of The Hype Magazine on Instagram Live (@hipvideopromo), to discuss the importance of SEO. This conversation is happening tomorrow, Friday, August 18th, at 1:30 PM Eastern. Search Engine Optimization is a topic he’s extremely knowledgeable in, and I recommend you tune in and have your questions ready! Why pay to obtain this valuable info when you can receive it for free?

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