Hollywood Undead are rising

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September 13, 2008
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September 16, 2008

The Hollywood Undead is hitting the music scene like a sledgehammer. This adventurous new band combines the ferocity of rock, hip-hop and metal to create a thundering concoction. They use witty lyrics and headbanging riffs to get across what no one has ever written about before–the seamy underbelly of LA.
You don’t hear much about that. You hear a lot about the glamour of LA, but not too much about the flip side–and that’s what the members of Hollywood Undead want to get across. The band members all live in LA and know that it’s not all glitz and glitter.
But despite their focus on the reality of life in the city, they do draw one big inspiration from the theatrical glam metal band Kiss–the masks.
Hollywood Undead wear dark, twisted Halloween-ish masks that, they say, add a bit of mystery to their image. Like Kiss, they don’t like to take them off, and not too many people have seen their actual faces.

Check out this video for the song “No. 5” below: