Huge new Kwanza Jones new music video for “SUPERCHARGED” coming soon!

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November 16, 2012
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November 20, 2012

Kwanza Jones established her dance-pop credentials in 2011 with her Billboard charting hit, “Think Again.” This song signaled the Supercharged sound for Jones, who is known for her never-ending energy and non-stop curves. Born in Los Angeles on Thanksgiving Day, Kwanza exhibited a certain star quality from childhood to present — often winning beauty and talent contests, including the Miss Baltimore pageant. The daughter of two lawyers, Kwanza foresaw a career on the business and legal side of the entertainment industry. However, a chance meeting with Quincy Jones and a performance at the world famous Apollo Theater, altered her course. Despite the lure of the Hollywood lights, Jones chose to spend time in New York City honing her songwriting skills, teaching herself guitar, attending law school and “getting some life lessons.”

Although new to the scene, Kwanza Jones has made key national appearances including performances at Matinee Las Vegas, Fly Life Music’s “Girls 4 Boys Tour”, her recent “Bring the Heat” Florida Tour and various stops in San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York. Kwanza’s latest single, “Time To Go”, already has people talking. The newly released video was recently featured on numerous sites including Yahoo Music alongside Nicki Minaj, British celebrity gossip site PopDash and the Google endorsed YouTube channel, DanceOn.

Other life experiences include Kwanza’s brush with “love gone wrong“, when she was kicked out of her New York apartment during the winter. This planted the seeds for her anthemic songs about strength and self-reliance. These songs can be heard on her upcoming release, Supercharged. This album, a fusion of dance and pop, is produced by Luke Tozour (Katy Perry, P!nk, Mika, Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez). When asked to describe herself to a new fan, Kwanza says, “I’m a gladiator in a thong.” In talking about her upcoming album, Supercharged, Kwanza says, “it’s music for superheroes and divas (or those who want to be).”

The video for “Time To Go” is every bit as ferocious and undeniable as Kwanza herself. With her non-stop curves on full display and a wardrobe selection that has been called Futuristic Haute Couture, Kwanza puts her star power out for the world to see. Whether it be the illuminated silver and gold, or the classic floor length red dress, every detail is finely tuned and meticulously groomed. The video is shot with a professionalism that is second to none, with a wide variety of pro lighting and scenery changes to help lead us through the clip. A young boy is witnessing Kwanza’s arrival and sci-fi inspired performance and although he wasn’t prepared for what he saw, we feel his reaction is one that many viewers will relate to, being instantly drawn in, not turning away! Click HERE for Kwanza’s full bio!
Video coming soon!