I Was Totally Destroying It are back with HUGE new single!

After causing quite a stir amongst programmers earlier this year with their video for “Control”, I Was Totally Destroying It has unleashed their new album Vexations, which is poised to put them into elite indie-rock company. To get us immediately familiarized with the new material they have released the video for “My Internal Din,” which speaks volumes that offer an undeniable freshness for music listeners. With influences revolving around classic artists such as Tom Petty and The Cure and contemporary musicians such as Spoon and Saves the Day, I Was Totally Destroying It has fused their likes of inspiration with their rock ballads that blend classic influences with spellbinding artistry.

North Carolina’s own indie-rockers formed the five-piece power driven pop band by their need to search for new creative passages. Their influences were formed together to create the explosive sounds of I Was Totally Destroying It and they have been making a name for themselves ever since. “My Internal Din” offers ideas that surpass the boredom of every day life. We watch as lead singer Rachel Hirsch laments within the confines of her work life. Set within an office, we see the boredom that exists within every day. The video offers a complete suggestion for how to get by in life, and it also confronts fears that the members of I Was Totally Destroying It feel within. Full bio HERE!