Incoming: little hurricane “Sheep In Wolves Clothes”

Introducing: Andrew Jackson Jihad
May 5, 2014
Vivamus sit amet metus sem imperdiet
May 6, 2014

little hurricane is a dirty blues/rock band from San Diego, CA, consisting of members, Anthony “Tone” Catalano on guitar/vocals & Celeste “CC” Spina on drums. They’re gaining tremendous momentum right now with the release of an unbelievably heart-provoking new video for their stirring single, “Sheep In Wolves Clothes,” which is off their album, GOLD FEVER on Death Valley Records. They’re currently on their first headlining tour of the states, amassing tons of new fans on the daily.

Ask around, this band is about to blow up, so best keep them on your radar… there’s a lot more coming in the next few weeks. For now, check out the video that everyone’s talking about, and be prepared, you may shed a tear…