Introducing: Adero Neely

Adero Neely

Adero Neely is R&B’s, Hip-Hop’s freshest artist to emerge on the music scene. With an essence comparable to the likes of Ne-Yo, this inspiring musician has an undeniable demeanor. Add a charming and charismatic personality, and you’ve got one heck of a talent. HIP Video Promo is pleased to introduce his crafty new music video “Guap.”

This multi-talented rising star shows off his acting skills in the video. Presented by NDaHoz Entertainment, Adero is the reluctant main character of this crafty, mini-film that involves scenes of seduction, thievery, high-speed car chases and an all-around good time. Even though the lovely bad guys, or should we say bad girls, who are hot on the heels of Adero and determined to get their hands on what he has, he always manages to stay one step ahead. Will he give them the slip? Or will they get their man? Directed by Stunner Reese, Guap highlights Adero’s talents and throughout every scene, the viewer’s find themselves on the edge of their seat. Rich with mystery and charm, “Guap” creates a high-energy clip that will knock your socks off. Above all, the song is incredibly catchy and upbeat. Contemporary hip-hop fans will not be let down with this video that captures Adero in his finest moments. Click HERE for the full bio!