Introducing…. B. Slade™

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September 7, 2011
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September 7, 2011

B Slade
B. Slade™, is what we like to call a super-musician. He is an American singer, songwriter, actor, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, dancer, and producer just to name a few. B. Slade™ has already put out several mixtapes and albums since his inception, including the widely downloaded Stereotype album, which deals with the duality of human nature. He also received a Grammy nomination in 2009 for Best Urban/Soul Alternative Performance. That year, he also presented awards at the Grammy pre-show, including the first two awards given to Lady Gaga. Now the eclectic mastermind of a genre not usually filled with too many people willing to stray from a tried-and-true formula returns to please his devoted fanbase with the brand new album, Diesel, captivating the blogosphere and press. For example, B. Slade™ has been featured in a massive New Yorker feature and interview last year. His record has been highlighted on blogs like FAB, Crunktastical, Groove Loves Melody, Tim Dillinger, Essence, Page21 and many more. B.Slade also recently performed “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” as a tribute to the late disco singer Sylvester at the 7th Annual OutMusic Awards. Just as a word of mention, B. Slade™ is also very well known as his former moniker Tonéx (pronounced Toe-Nay), an ingeniously talented, flamboyant provocateur and Grammy and Stellar Award winning household staple within the gospel community.

“Start.” is the rebirth of an artist who has made a successful career and then gave it up to reinvent himself once again. The song combines eclecticisms of Prince with the four part harmonies of Queen in an R&B and pop setting to deliver a hopeful message about starting over again.

*Video for “Start.” Coming Soon!!