Introducing Mono Bagends

Mono Bagends, the CEO of Bagends Records, can be described as a highly original and versatile artist on the rise. Compiled of hip-hop and Pop elements, his music maximizes his innovative style and imaginative rap flow. HIP Video Promo presents his newest video for his catchy, fresh new single “On Fire” from the upcoming album Thou Shall Not Quit.

“On Fire” depicts a man conquering his inner struggles to fulfill his destiny. As viewers, we are on the edge of our seats as we witness Mono Bagends battle his innermost desires and thoughts. With images of the two sides of this artist, we get a creative feel of just how imaginative his rhymes and flows truly are. As we sink into a natural flow, Bagends suppresses truthful feelings that are raw and intense, yet there is a constant flow of high energy that exists within every note of this tune. “On Fire” is a song that is truly on fire, and with a catchy chorus, Mono Bagends will leave you wanting more! Click here for the full bio.