Introducing new HIP client, Liz Primo

Liz Primo

Heart to soul, body to beat: meet Liz Primo, an ascending dance diva whose effervescent energy and expressive voice create the ideal soundtrack for fantastic adventures in the urban night. Gorgeous and glamorous, Liz is equally genuine; a creative force whose imagination is at the heart of her radiant songs. Working with such luminaries as Rob Fusari (Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson) and Justin Trugman (Pussycat Dolls, Eminem, Step Up Soundtrack), it is Liz’s concepts that spark these collaborations. Channeling the consciousness-altering freedom of a dance club into a tantalizing suite of songs, her energy is electrifying — her impact undeniable.

Originally from Austin, Texas, Liz grew up in a household where rock and roll music was prohibited. Changing into a pair of forbidden short shorts, she would spend time at a friend’s house absorbing the influences of Elvis, Michael Jackson and MTV. When she left home at 17, she knew how to support herself, and that her future was music.

Encouraged by a friend’s record deal, she relocated to Nashville where her creative instincts were at decided odds with the rigid philosophy of Music City. Teaming up with a local rapper, she added hooks and vocals to hip-hop productions while exploring her own artistry through electronica and house music.

Next came an initial move to Los Angeles, where she acquired the requisite SAG card, spent hours on sets as an extra, did promotional modeling gigs and worked four jobs simultaneously. But she missed singing. Moving back home to Austin, she fronted The Ghost Band, for shows on the city’s famed 6th Street, biker gigs, and SXSW.

When Liz connected with co-writer/producer Rob Fusari, she began the phase of her career that connects her directly to the source of her inspiration. “Music is about healing and therapy,” she says, “and about life and experiences.”

Now back in Los Angeles, it is apparent that Liz Primo has packed a lot of living into a very short span of time. Her Cajun bloodlines have blessed her with rhythm; her unfettered imagination drives her song craft, and her ingenuity and imagination fuel her artistry. Possessed of a ferocious work ethic, her life is filled with creation, evolution and execution. But all is not work and deadlines: she still saves time for transcendent nights in the clubs of West Hollywood where she says, “I feel welcome. I can let it all out. No one is there to there to watch me and everyone is loving, free and non-judgmental.”

Her songs many be anthems for the dance floor, but Liz Primo says there is a much deeper philosophy in her artistry. “People have told me, ‘Your songs helped me through a tough time in my life.’ That made a huge impact: that my experience could help someone else. That’s the moment when I realized why I sing.”

Watch her video for “State of Amazing” here…