Introducing sweet and soulful Sarah Farnam

Sarah Farnam

Sarah Farnam is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Rochester, Michigan who enjoys writing and sharing music about all aspects of relationships, friendships, and plain old life in general. Her favorite artists, including Sarah Bareilles and Taylor Swift, influence her original songs. HIP Video Promo is pleased to introduce her newest music video for the single “A Million Steps.”

“A Million Steps” was directed by Christina and Stephanie Choriatis, and contains scenes that echo heartbreak and despair. Sarah shows off her talent for expressing her feelings toward relationships in this captivating music video. Watching her witness the one she loves talk with another girl puts viewers on edge and be generally inconsiderate, but we follow Farnam throughout every scene of the clip to see where she draws the line. “A Million Steps” offers fans of pop music a combination of high energy with just the right amount of edge. Sarah Farnam’s amazing ability to communicate with her fans through her original songs is a breath of fresh air, and “A Million Steps” creates the high-energy profile of this talented singer and songwriter. Click here for the full bio!