Introducing the Championz of Boston hip hop!

We would like to shine the spotlight onto Championz, Boston’s fantastic indie hip hop group. These guys have made quite a name for them selves in the region, against all odds. These guys are roughnecks, but the do not get flustered; they may have troubled pasts, but they’ve got their eyes firmly fixed on a back-stacking future. Andrew Swaine’s crisply-shot video for “Stay Real” shows both sides of the Championz and QueTone experience: the tough back streets of Boston, and the glamour of rap stardom. From the top of the clip, Championz let you know exactly where they’re coming from — that Newbury Street sign isn’t there just for show. But the bright lights of the Boston skyline and the Back Bay are in the distance.

Check it out, “Stay Real” by Championz