Italian Japanese’s ‘The Lush, Romantic Weirdness’ continues to receive positive reviews

Italian JapaneseThough Italian Japanese‘s latest album, The Lush, Romantic Weirdness, was released last year, it’s been receiving rave reviews as of late. The most recent comes from, where the site noted: “Italian Japanese’s The Lush, Romantic Weirdness is a thoroughly endearing record. Its ability to suck in listeners and not let them go makes it a fantastic album to put on when you just want to chill. The distortion isn’t too heavy, the melodies aren’t too saccharine, the performances are restrained but not stripped of passion, and the overall product comes together perfectly.” You can read more of the review here.

Also important to note is that the two Italian Japanese videos we’re about to drop, “Le Pony” and “Jeremiah,” are off of The Lush, Romantic Weirdness. You can preview the two vids on the band’s official MySpace.