Introducing: The Grenadines & Preston Lovinggood — courtesy of Communicating Vessels

The Grenadines & Preston Lovinggood

Communicating Vessels recording artist The Grenadines are currently making a name for themselves in the underground music scene thanks to both amazing live shows and the praise from producers such as Andy LeMaster who has worked with Bright Eyes, Jim Eno of the beloved Spoon, and Lynn Bridges, all of whom have produced tracks for the band. HIP Video Promo is proud present the new clip, “Shake”, the first single off their self-titled release.

The Grenadines, fronted by husband and wife Michael and Lauren Shakelford and featuring guitarist David Swatzell recently released their self-titled album which is described as “dream-drenched rock-and-roll cut through a southern lens.” The album creates a wide spectrum of sounds that are haunting, yet methodical, with occasional hints of Mazzy Star, M83 and even bursts of The Whitest Boy Alive.

This video, comical yet satirical in its’ approach, blends contemporary beats with rhythms that literally make the viewer want to dance. The seemingly deviant lead character is a young man who obsessively videotapes a young woman through her bedroom window as she dances. While it is understood by everyone else just how creepy his actions may seem, the two characters are instinctively connected throughout “Shake.” Check out the full bio on the HIP Video website.


Preston Lovinggood is well-known in the burgeoning Birmingham, Alabama music scene. Having already established himself as the lead singer and songwriter of the late great Wild Sweet Orange, he has now turned his attention to his solo career. The first taste of this has been captured in the quirky and endearing new video “TERMINATOR”, the first single off his new album Sun Sungs, compliments of Communicating Vessels.

The atmosphere of Sun Songs is collectively vibrant, boasting bold harmonious notes of raw energy. Taylor Hollingsworth, known for work with Dead Fingers and Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band, produced and recorded the record. The bluesy electric riffs, well-placed feedback, and sporadic drumming add a sweet essence to Preston’s crafty and warm vocals. From the fanciful new album, “TERMINATOR” is a clip that surely entertains and raises questions on reality.

There are many elements to this video that make it an easy and enjoyable watch. The lighting of the clip is noteworthy; the bright sun cascades on trees in a forest where Preston and a young woman seem to be trying to communicate, but keep missing one another’s existence while following each other’s tracks. “TERMINATOR” successfully reveals the many sides of Preston Lovinggood, an artist who is both amazingly creative and somewhat obsessive. Director Taylor Robinson guides us through the story of this mesmerizing song about time and the value of another person’s presence. Check out the full bio on the HIP Video website. Video coming soon!