Introducing …… THE R’S!

The R
The R’s, the new rock and roll cavaliers to shake up your office culture and strategically planned lifestyle. “I Love My Family” is a hard hitting, energetic, indie punk extravaganza that digs at our human conventions, while simultaneously filling us with absolute guitar and drum driven ecstasy. Crank those little speakers up to 11 and step on that fuzz box, because things are about to get real rowdy around here.

The R’s have crafted a sound that is both classic and trendy at the same time, taking influence from icons The Ramones and The Clash, while coloring it with the metropolis friendly sound of bands like The Kooks and Vampire Weekend. This fusion results in a splendid sugary mix without any vanilla to it. The song kicks off with the familiar ring of a steel alarm clock, which in turn kicks off a typical day, in a typical person’s life. However, there is nothing typical to find in the group’s noisy brand of rock, which unabashedly fuses the clashing genres of punk and indie into glamorous pop velour. full bio HERE!