Introducing … Thee Sgt. Major III

December 20, 2010
Brian Lee covers Dylan!
December 22, 2010

Thee Sgt. Major IIIWhat’s new is old and what’s old is new, and Thee Sgt. Major III have got quite a story for you. With a lineup that includes some of the members of old-school Sub Pop darlings The Fastbacks and celebrated Seattle-ites The Posies and the Young Fresh Fellows, this band not only sports original 80’s punk rock fashion, but has actually contributed to its formation. Not straying too far from the successful formula that has made The Fastbacks a success, Thee Sgt. Major III fuses shimmering 1960’s pop with a heavy dose of The Ramones, ending up with friendly sound that’s got quite a bite to it. One of main components here is the young and feisty singer, Leslie Beattie. She wails and roars and delivers quite a punch to the already raw backline behind her.