Jair Dynast, innovative rapper

Jair Dynast

Rapper Jair Dynast has had music on the brain since he was little.

According to his biography online. his parents used to bring him to free outdoor jazz concerts when he was seven and eight. They also exposed him to music they played inside the house consistently–music that ranged from popular pop, like Stevie Wonder, to classical Bach, to reggae and calypso, a genre Caribbean in origin that includes social commentary and witty lyrics.

He’s taken all these influences to heart, creating his own unique blend as a rapper. He uses metaphors to get his witty social commentary across. And the critics are liking it.
His first album, V.A.L.E.N.C.E, was chosen as one of the top ten albums of the year by RapReviews.

Check out the video for “My Style” below: