Metric to release ‘Fantasies’ in April

Metric’s latest album, Fantasies, will be out in the spring, April 14.

According to a Pitchfork interview, the band is trying not to criticize as much, lighten up, present a less-darker view.

“With this record we wanted to convey something other than a very meticulous list of what’s wrong with everything,” Emily Haines said in the interview. “I was a bit out of my element.”

Despite changing the tone a little bit, however, the band doesn’t forsee other changes in their identity. In fact, the band discussed how even in the studio if they produced something remotely more mainstream–or more indie than usual–everyone gets a little queasy.

So, they won’t be morphing into a group that only wear gigantic black-framed glasses. Nor will they ever go the No Doubt route to the mainstream, and “sing about giant, general themes” while walking into “a giant, general room.”

See the interview here.