Jr. Pinchers vs. Twinz Beatz: “Back Broke”

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November 4, 2009
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November 6, 2009

Jr. Pinchers vs. Twinz Beatz

This video incorporates a fabulous concoction of regggae elements, stateside R&B, roughneck hip-hop, and classic house music. Young Jamaican vocalist Jr. Pinchers brings Caribbean heat and swagger into a mainstream, catchy track that rocks hard.

In fact, Jr. Pinchers was born in the family of a Jamaican legend; his father, Pinchers, is one of the most important dancehall artists of the 1980s. Jr. Pinchers has as much talent to offer the world as his father; at the age of fourteen, he’d already made a single that became a hit!

Watch the video, a collaboration with Twinz Beatz, below: