Julien-K gets love from Revolver

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April 5, 2009
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April 7, 2009


Julien-K got a mention in Revolver, the self-dubbed “world’s loudest rock magazine” in the May issue. Here’s a photo of the article, a one-paragraph review of Julien-K’s newest effort, Death to Analog.

Revolver praises the band’s sound, saying that although Julien-K is a spin-off of Orgy, J-K is more “groove-savvy.” They know how to infuse heavy, guitar-driven rock into the electronic and industrial beats. And the instrumentation is impressively aggressive–especially, they said, on songs such as “Kick the Bass,” “Death to Analog” and “Systeme de Sexe.”

They also praise frontman Ryan Shuck, calling him “Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan with attitude instead of angst.”