Jupiter Rising featured on Monday’s ‘The City’

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March 7, 2009
Architecture in Helsinki working on new album
March 9, 2009

Jupiter Rising

Jupiter Rising’s slick single, “Falling Away” was featured on hit reality TV show “The City” last Monday, exposing the duo to an ever-widening audience.

They’re creating quite a buzz, sculpting music perfect for the club scene, and for blasting out car windows on sunny days. I expect, once it gets warmer, you’ll be hearing strains of Jupiter Rising consistently while waiting at a red light.

Jupiter Rising’s video for “Falling Away” illustrates what happens when people come into contact with the bumping electro-pop they create. Watch the video here. A guy looks at a snapshot of Jupiter Rising and suddenly goes crazy, jumping around and dancing on the street. On a bridge, he meets a cute girl, shows her the snapshot, and they go nutty together.