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May 1, 2015
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May 15, 2015


RFK Heise established himself as a staple on the Portland, OR music scene through the years with his band System and Station. As they say “all good things must come to an end,” but the end of his band did nothing to extinguish Heise’s creative juices. If anything, it invigorated him even more, leading to the creation of his new project Last Giant. Crave Online describes the new release, Heavy Habitat, as a “shit-kicking great time of an album.” Today we’re pleased to bring you the new single that will certainly do plenty of arse kicking, “Captain My Captain.”
When it came time to record Heavy Habitat, Heise directed his vision from beginning to end in the studio, demoing, writing, and recording each track on the album. He teamed up with producer Adam Pike (Red Fang) to help see his vision through, and enlisted Adam Shultz (bass) and Matt Wiles (drums) for the live show. Last Giant puts the pedal to the floor from the beginning and never lets up, ripping through the album with the adrenaline that defines Last Giant. 
One song in particular, “Captain My Captain,” is the perfect showcase of Heavy Habitat. A heavy blues-y riff is the foundation of the track, invoking kindred spirits like Queens of the Stone Age and Wolfmother, combining heavy and melody. 
Though the band is a sonic crusher, don’t think they lack a sense of humor! For the “Captain My Captain” video, they take the D.A.R.E. theme that many of us remember from our youth and turn it on its head! Of course, drug use is no laughing matter. But when you replace drugs with, say, condiments, then it is a whole other story! The video focuses on bassist Adam Shultz in a hot dog suit (you heard that right) while he goes through his day putting all of his might into resisting the urge to shower himself with the intoxicating sins of ketchup, mustard, mayo, and even some relish to help take the edge off. He is regularly reminded by his local police (renamed C.A.R.E. for the video) and of course, his savior, Jesus Christ. Despite their best efforts, the temptation to imbibe is strong and there’s only so much one man can take! Check it out to see just how far this spiral can go and who might get taken along for the ride with him!
We’re all incredibly excited to be working with Last Giant to bring you this exceptional new video and would love to hook you up with copies of Heavy Habitat for you and your select viewers! Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779, email us at . You can also visit for more info on Last Giant.

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