Marya Stark “Crossroads” – Behind the Scarlet Moon

Marya Stark recently took to her blog to give her fans an in-depth analysis of her single/video “Crossroads”…

“The song ‘Crossroads’ for me was a very personal journey to create, one that came through one of the great heartbreaks and catalysts for transformation in my life. Lots of interpretations of the meaning of the song itself from personal relationship, to turning my back on my own spiritual practice, to addiction, to calling out for the Divine in those who have turned away from their own Essence. Being at the ‘Crossroads’ has endless meanings, and ‘Scarlet Moon’ is for me a symbol of not only the one who goes into the underworld of our own process and psyche (Persephone, Ishtar, Innana Mythos), but also of integrating the feminine stories- she has so many coming through, and I yearn to know her completely.” – Marya Stark

Click here to check it out.