MTV February 2021 Round-up

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March 10, 2021
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March 12, 2021
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We're already two months into the new year, and 2021 is already off to a great start here at HIP HQ. We pride ourselves on championing our clients. This means working on getting them featured on some of the biggest TV programmers out there, like MTV and BET Jams. Every month we'll be giving you a monthly update of our clients and what TV program they've been featured on. Today, we're giving you the round-up of our cherished clients that were added to MTV's programming in February.  Within MTV, there are a couple of TV programs that fall under the international tv network. One program is MTV Live which is a national broadcasting outlet that reaches about 45 million viewers. Previously known as Palladia, this program currently resides in New York City. Another program is MTV Spankin' New, where up-and-coming artists have their first debut before becoming household names. Recently MTV has teamed up with Pluto TV, where new music video channels will live exclusively on the streaming platform. No matter which avenue an artist wants to take, having a video featured on MTV is a huge milestone. The first client to be featured on MTV Live is CHACE with his "Wrecklyss" video. CHACE is a rising musician from all over the east coast but a native to Massachusetts. Being only his second video, we were stoked to see CHACE getting featured on MTV Live. In this video, CHACE takes us on an emotional rollercoaster as he tries to navigate a painful break-up. The song comes from a rough night and about 30 minutes of pouring his heart out on paper. He wants this song to be a comfort to those who have gone through something similar. The song is incredibly moving as well as the video; you can't help but get emotional.  Our next client to be featured on YO! MTV is Niko Brim with his video for “BONITA”. Niko Brim is a rising hip-hop artist from New York, and this is his first-ever solo video. We're thrilled to see this artist being featured on YO! MTV. If you're looking for a confidence boost, all you have to do is watch this video. Niko Brim knows his worth, and he is not afraid to show it. Even as a newcomer to the hip hop scene, Niko's voice is already recognizable. He owns the club as soon as he walks through the doors; when he leaves, the city is his, too. His success is only going to grow from here, and we're so excited to watch. The last artist to be featured on MTV Spankin' New for February is Elijah Wolf and his inspirational video for "Brighter Lighting". Elijah Wolf is a rising indie artist from New York. This is his second video, and we're thrilled to see this artist on MTV Spankin' New. With this song and video, Elijah pulls from way deep down. In this song, he reflects on the lonely nights that occurred while writing his debut album On The Mtn Laurel Rd. It's about accepting those bad nights and realizing how far all of that loneliness feels now. The video, however, is beautifully light and airy. We see Elijah driving through his hometown and maybe even getting a little bit lost. It's the breath of fresh air we all need.

Written by HIP Administrative Assistant Rebecca Karaman.