MTV January 2021 Round-Up!

A month and a half in, and 2021 is already off to a great start here at HIP HQ. We pride ourselves on the endless championing of our clients. This means working on getting them featured on some of the biggest TV programmers out there like MTV. Today, we’re giving you the January Round-Up of our cherished clients getting featured on MTV programming.

Within MTV, there are a couple of TV programs that fall under the international tv network. One program is MTV Live, which is a national broadcasting outlet that reaches about 45 million viewers. Previously known as Palladia, this program is based out of New York City. Another program is MTV Spankin’ New, where up and coming artists have their first debut before becoming household names. Recently MTV has teamed up with Pluto TV, where new music video channels will live exclusively on the streaming platform. No matter which avenue an artist wants to take, having a video featured on MTV is a huge milestone.


The first client to be featured on MTV Live is CHACE with his video for “Wrecklyss”. CHACE is a rising musician from Massachusetts; this is only his second video, and we’re thrilled to see it being featured on MTV Live. Here, CHACE wears his heart on his sleeve as he takes us through a painful break-up. Taking inspiration from his one on-again-off-again relationship, CHACE opens about betrayal and the feeling of needing to let go of something. It’s a cinematic masterpiece from start to finish that will leave you speechless.

Up next, Michael Lanza and Chow Mane’s video for “Islands” was featured on MTV Spankin’ New. Michael Lanza and Chow Mane are a musical duo you don’t want to mess with. Michael Lanza is a rising young singer, and Chow Mane is a rising rapper from the Bay Area. Together they’ve bridged hip hop and pop music beautifully. This is one out of seven videos from Michael Lanza, and we couldn’t be more stoked to see these two artists being featured. In this video, Lanza and Chow Mane are washed up on a beautiful but mysterious island. They’re intrigued by a group of beautiful sirens and are led deeper into the island. It’s a video full of adventure, love, and in the end, it’s nothing but a dream.

Finally, Ty Breezzyy’s video for “TRUE” was also added to MTV Spankin’ New. Ty Breezzyy is a young rapper from the legendary Soundview section of the Bronx. This is his first video, and we’re so excited about it being featured on MTV Spankin’ New. “TRUE” is another emotional rollercoaster as Ty opens up about a toxic relationship he was in. Keeping it in the family, Ty’s father plays director and helps the story come to life. This hip-hop music video has a little bit of a twist and takes place in a chilled-out studio session. A girl joins Ty, and he’s ready to tell her exactly how he feels. What she thinks is a romantic song about her ends up being a savage diss track. This video proves that sometimes simplicity is best.


Written by HIP Intern Rebecca Karaman.