Wishing you and yours a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Love in all its forms is a beautiful and special thing, possibly the strongest force in the universe. Whether it’s romantic, friendly, or familial, love is a driving force in so many ways. Thousands upon thousands of songs have been written about love in all its different forms. To help get you in the Valentine’s Day mood, we’re sharing some of our favorite love videos from this past year.

The first video on our list is Alex Sparrow’s “Let’s Stay Home Tonight”. For this video, things take a turn from the traditional Valentine’s Day plans. This song is all about staying home with that special someone and not going out – it’s more than appropriate for this upcoming Valentine’s Day and our current situation. The video shows Alex playing guitar in his bedroom as adorable clips of him and his love interest fade in and out. It’s all about spending quality time with the ones you love and trying to make the best out of a challenging situation.

Next up on our list of love songs is Ethan Gold and his video for “Our Love Is Beautiful”. This song talks about a completely different kind of love: the love of community. The song tells the story of believing in empathy and, most importantly, believing in each other. Shot using only an iPhone, music fans from all over the world join in helping Ethan sing his song. As the fans are singing, every now and then, you see a silhouette version of Ethan walking across the screen playing his guitar.

Another video on our Valentine’s Day list is The Imaginaries and their video for “Thinking ‘Bout You”. “Thinking ‘Bout You” is a cute and catchy country song that makes you want to drive around with the top down. The video shows Shane Henry and Maggie McClure dancing and performing in gorgeous meadows while looking hopelessly in love. Her high notes and his lower ones create something so effortlessly beautiful. The love is strong in this one, and you can’t help but feel it as it radiates off the screen.

This next video on our list comes from Nicky Romero and his video for “Destiny” with Deniz Koyu and Alexander Tidebrink.  Like many other Nicky Romero videos, this one plays out like an epic movie all about love, the kind of love that everyone dreams about; a love that’s passionate, adventurous, and maybe even a little bit dangerous. The video starts with Nicky looking for an unlocked car that eventually leads him to his beautiful love interest. We follow this couple as they fall desperately in love with each other while they try to stay out of trouble.

Next up on our list for Valentine’s Day is Trav Torch and his video for “Do It Again”. This song has all the vibes you would expect for Valentine’s Day. It’s sultry, enchanting, and sure to get you ready for February 14th. The video is your classic R&B clip with the dim lights and smooth rhythms that you lose yourself in. The purple LED lights take this experience to a whole other level, and the superhero continues to conquer as the video goes on.

Another video on our Valentine’s Day list is ayoka with her brand-new video for “Elevate”. This song takes another turn from the traditional love songs we’re all familiar with, as ayoka demands that her love interest does better. The video shows ayoka in a stunning emerald dress as her hair gives off a fiery red. She plays around with her love interest while she gives intriguing glares to the camera. ayoka changes our perspective and shows us the reality of love and relationships.

This next love video comes from Meresha and her video for “Red-Headed Lover”. Meresha is a rising pop star with a fresh new style that’s all her own. “Red-Headed Lover” has an unexpected twist that no one saw coming. In this intergalactic setting, we see Meresha chasing after a male interest. What starts as a video pining after a love interest turns into a personal lesson: sometimes, you have to put yourself aside to get the things you want. It’s a twist on the original love song, but that’s what makes it so uniquely Meresha.

The last video on our list to help you get ready for Valentine’s Day is Grey DeLisle’s new video for “Valentine”. The leading single off of Grey’s Borrowed album is about a love that never changes. The people involved can go through ups and downs but still manage to have that same kind of love. In the video, we see Grey in the studio recording her version of the song. It’s glitchy, and the frame shakes, giving it that vintage feel. The video feels as intimate as the song does, and it’s the perfect song to get you ready for Valentine’s Day.


Written by HIP intern Rebecca Karaman.