MTV March 2021 Round-up

BET Jams March 2021 Round-Up
April 6, 2021
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April 7, 2021

We’re already three months into the new year, and 2021 is already off to a great start here at HIP HQ. We pride ourselves on championing for our clients, working to get them featured on some of the biggest TV programs out there like MTV and BET Jams. Every month we’ll be giving you a monthly update of our clients and what TV program they’ve been featured on. This month we’re giving you the March Round-up of our cherished clients getting featured on MTV programming.

Within MTV, there are a couple of TV programs that fall under the international TV network. One program is MTV Live which is a national broadcasting outlet that reaches about 45 million viewers. Previously known as Palladia, this program currently resides in New York City. Another program is MTV Spankin’ New, where up-and-coming artists often have their first big debut before becoming household names. Recently MTV has teamed up with Pluto TV, where new music video channels will live exclusively on the streaming platform. No matter which avenue an artist wants to take, having a video featured on MTV is a huge milestone.

This March, Jaybandsome’s “Looking Up” was added to MTV Spankin’ New. Jaybandsome is an up-and-coming rapper from New York, and this is his very first video. We couldn’t be more stoked to see this young artist being featured on MTV Spankin’ New. In this video, Jaybandsome takes us to his high school right here in New Jersey, where he rules the halls with his crew. From the school halls to the bustling city streets, Jaybandsome owns every scene he walks into. It’s nothing but good vibes and a young rapper who knows exactly what he’s doing.

Written by HIP Marketing Assistant Rebecca Karaman.