My Federation gets nostalgic

My Federation likes to lie low. They produce cool, crisp psychadelic tunes, that shake up the inner depths of your psyche. Aiming for a cacophony of sound similar to such 60s acts as Led Zeppelin, My Federation brings us back to a time when flower-child spaciness reigned. The riffs are 60s-esque, resembling the almost-heavy metal that Zeppelin, Cream and Hendrix created and poured out on a wild crowd. At the same time, My Federation harmonizes beautifully, bringing you into a kind of meditation state deep in your head.

Although My Federation harks back to earlier times, they also incorporate electronic instruments and sounds, as well as dancey moments that make you want to tap your foot and get out on the dance floor. They are a blend of the old and new.

Here’s their video for “Don’t Wanna Die” below:

We’re also promoting their video for “Honey Bee” soon. Stay tuned.