Love You Moon releases ‘Stand Tall’

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October 9, 2008
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October 11, 2008

Love You Moon

Love You Moon is Matt Embree from Cali ska band RX Bandits–and he really does love the moon. This is what he wrote on his MySpace Web site:

Try this out, go a whole day without using electricity! It’s super fun to light your house with candles, invite a bunch of friends over, cook a fat meal and play music or paint together! Know what else is rad? Go on a trip somewhere where there is no light pollution when the moon is full to really appreciate the immensity of the sky… Have a great day my friends!

Not only does he love staring up at the sky at night, but Matt Embree loves to be in the outdoors in the daytime too, hiking, biking, what have you. He takes the influences from the nature-part of his life and mixes it up with music–the result is his solo project, Love You Moon, which has a blusey, rootsy, sound. When you listen to Love You Moon, you might imagine you’re living in a cabin in Appalachia, with a shotgun and a dog and a banjo. Embree achieves this by stripping his instrumentation down to the bare. He uses no frills–just guitar and voice.

We’re going to be promoting his video soon, but to tide you over, here’s a video of him live playing “Why Pop Stars Sell Silicon”: