Neil Nathan; Rocker, and Friend Of Democracy

Brutus Faust Halloween Performance in NYC!
October 29, 2010
Patrick Cooper making a real difference…
October 29, 2010

HIP favorite Neil Nathan, a former high school history teacher, may no longer work at New York’s Martin Luther King, Jr. High, but he’s still always looking for opportunities to inspire and educate. The upcoming Election Day is just one of those opportunities. “So Much More” was written for “the angels of American democracy” and is all about the power of individual citizens to bring about positive political change. The video is filled with inspiring images that make any viewer want to rock the vote. “So Much More” can be found on his debut LP, The Distance Calls.

Nathan was featured on the cover of American Teacher magazine for directing Martin Luther King, Jr. High School’s Arts Education program and providing inner city kids with opportunities to intern and attend performances at New York City Opera, Guggenheim Museum, and Jazz at Lincoln Center. His favorite teachers turned rockers are Gene Simmons and Bob Pollard.