New Band Alert: Riff Action Family

Riff Action Family

Riff Action Family is a contemporary rock group from St. Petersburg, Russia that have made a name for their exclusive style— something they call “Killing Rock.” Check out one of Russia’s most premier bands Riff Action Family and their newest video clip for the single “Doors.”

It all started when lead singer Zhirius Saltsauskis met at drummer Kruger van Got’s coffee shop on the streets of St. Petersburg. After becoming friends at once, Vonia Pneschich joined on guitars along with Batras Chugoev on the bass guitar. Interestingly enough, the band has only rehearsed once claiming, “We won’t rehearse! We’ll just perform and record albums.” Since the musical experience of each of the musicians proved to be extremely vast as well as enormous, Riff Action Family decided this would be the best route for their budding musicianship. The band’s first recording was the EP From Russia with Love, released in October of 2010. However, the band had used aliases—Stas Gordeev, Sergei Chugunov, Kirill Dmitriev, and Ivan Ponkin—because they owed money to the Russian mafia for recording the album and couldn’t return it to them because the rent for the recording studio was too high!

So Riff Action Family decided to lay low and hide out for a year, but in the meantime they recorded their first LP Rockkill, released for free download in November 2011 on the site The band paid their debts, and Riff Action Family revealed their real names to the entire world. With all of that hype generated they have now returned with their strongest offering yet, the EP Doors. The title track video astonishingly presents us with the uncanny and hard-to-miss characteristics of the bold musicians that make up Riff Action Family. Click here for the full bio on