New Bigelf CD Cheat The Gallows is a big hit at HIP!

Bigelf may have provided the best description possible of their own sound: “The Fab Four drop a heroic dose and get into a knife fight with Deep Purple. Tony Iommi adjudicates.” Frontman Damon Fox is an organ virtuoso in the same league as Emerson or Wakeman, and he’s got a wry and wicked, (some would say vicious) sense of humor; and a talented supporting cast. What it all adds up to is the most refreshing straight ahead rock n roll, with a devious twist, that we’ve heard in ages.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. As of August 16, the new full length, Cheat The Gallows, is available in stores nationwide. Sometimes a new CD hits you hard at first, then the attraction fades. Other times, an initially lukewarm reaction can grow to true affection. Every once in a while, you come across an instant classic. This is an instant classic. If you like Black Sabbath, you’ll love this record. If you like King Crimson, you’ll love this record. If you like AC/DC, you’ll love this record. The appeal is just mind-bogglingly broad. Fox and company have hit on a synergistic sound that combines the best of the classics with the best of the cutting edge. We can’t urge you in strong enough terms to check out Bigelf. Fans as diverse as Courtney Love and Alicia Keys can’t be all wrong! For more info, go here.

Check out the video for their single, “Money, It’s Pure Evil,” below: