CSS brings electro/funk/postpunk to U.S. this fall

CSS Band

Brazilian noisemakers CSS are hitting up their west coast fans this fall! Check out tour dates posted on their MySpace page here.
CSS’s tunes are original and frentic enough for the indie-music crowd, yet tight and funky enough for your average bar-hopper.
Once you start listening to CSS’s, especially their sophomore album Donkey, it’s hard to resist dancing to the delicious hooks that pop out every which way. They are everywhere–there’s not nary a dull moment. The album glistens with choppy, tight guitar and fun, sing-along choruses. They’ve been compared to the Breeders and the Pixies, two bands who also managed to straddle the indie music/mainstream music line by writing hooks that make their songs hard to stop listening to.
The frontwoman of CSS, LoveFoxx, in addition to being known for her crazy, frentic songs, is also known for her crazy antics in her hometown in Brazil.
While the sun is still up, CSS Frontwoman LoveFoxx can be spotted wandering around Sao Paulo with a beer and ipod dancing in the street.
Passerbys in Sao Paulo don’t get it, she said once in a Guardian interview.
“People look at you with anger in their eyes, like they hate you, because you are dancing in the street at 3 p.m.,” she said.
I personally don’t think dancing in the street’s a bad thing at all. People should do it more often.

Check out the video for their single, “Rat is Dead,” below.