New Gaslight Anthem interview!

New Gaslight Anthem

A new interview with guitarist Alex Rosamilia of Gaslight Anthem surfaced on Absolute Punk on the 16th. Check it out below. When he was asked what he thought of playing sold-out show he shook his head and said, “Yeah, I don’t get it.” He added that it’s “flattering but also humbling” that so many people in places he’s never been to connected with their music, it’s “amazing.”

He also talked a little bit about the songwriting process that goes on with all the members of the band. He said Brian usually comes in with lyrics, and then the process is “natural” from there. The band plays together (he said he hates to use the word “jamming” but it’s a bit like that) until they get it to the way they want it. It’s a “fluid process.”

The Gaslight Anthem from Kurtis Thomas on Vimeo.